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    Looking for the Best PhotoBooth in Sacramento and San Francisco?
    Look no more! 360 Slowmo Videos, Ipad Roamer Booths, DIY booths, Open Air!
    Different Booths for different Budgets.
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    Check out our Economy Booth.
    A Booth for all Budgets.
    Starting at $499.00
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    A Little More About Us
    Look you are looking for the best or most affordable photobooth for your wedding or event,
    Rocket Booths is the best in Sacramento and San Francisco.
    Give us a call and let us tell you what will work or what will not.
    By providing a number of different style photo booths, you can't go wrong,
    We have a saying, if you don't have a good time with us...its probably not our fault!

Welcome to Rocket Booths. Fun and Clean Entertainment

Providing the best of photo booth rentals in Sacramento since 2006 and San Francisco. We also have the old classic love tester and a custom talking Fortune Teller, 360 Slowmo Booths. Preferred Photo Booth company of venues like Vizcaya, The Sawyer, Granite Bay Country Club, The Westin Sacramento, Catta Vedera Country Club, and more! Rocket Booth won THE BEST OF WEDDINGS HALL OF FAME for THE KNOT.


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We have different booths with different options.

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All images taken at our events are downloadable at High Resolution for free.

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About Us

It was never just a trend for us...a full time company.
As a concept in 1999 that originated at weddings as party favors, Rocket Booths was born. We offically opened in 2005, as the original photo booth company in Sacramento...launching as Profinish Design and rebranding in 2008. Today we manufacture custom booths and sell and rent them.

You clearly have options for your event. Whether it be a fabric booth or a retro classic photo booth, we want to be there for you. At this point, your probably saying...well what about price? Well let me tell you...we have the best prices and even include a price match guarantee.

About Rocket Booths

Wether it be a party or w wedding we want to make sure you understand not all booths are created equally. Unless you consider a tripod with a sheet in the background...a photo booth...then you probably think and a guy in with an iphone is too. Let us show you what photo booths really are.

100% PRICE GUARANTEE, Our price guarantee leaves no doubt why we are the best. LIKE STYLE BOOTHS, We can match like booths...(no dealsite deals...sorry double dipping deal hunters...say that 10 times fast.)

What people rent
  • 70%
  • 80%
  • 60%
  • 20%
  • 50%
Who are we?
Why a Rocket Photo Booth?
  • Winners of the 2012, 2014, 2015 best of wedding for THE KNOT winners of SACRAMENTO'S best of THE KNOT
  • TOP 5 5 years in a row - KCRA A-LIST
  • Preferred Vendor for Catta Verdera and The Granite Bay Golf Club and The Sawyer in Downtown Sacramento

Ask about our price match guarantee with "like style" photo booths. Be confident that we will be there for you and not run to the highest paying bidder.

Photo Booths with Gusto.
  • Our premium booths resemble the classic photo booth.
  • Hard sided, diamond floor plate. Hit the big button, flash photography taking booths.
  • Bringing back nostalgia to photo capture. We like to call it the retro booth.

Most of our rentals are custom planned for your event. Curtain colors, background colors, logo types and layouts...you pick it.

Sacramentos and San Francisco's Best Photo Booth Rental

Rocket Booths LLC (Rocket Booths) was trademarked in 2013 in the USPTO.org website through the nation and also trademarked through the state of California.

Other reasons why
We offer free delivery to rentals within a 30 mile radius of Sacramento and San Francisco.
All rentals will come with an option for a full time professional attendant that will help your guest use the photo booth.
Our $100 retainer is one of the lowest in the industry. This retain is applied to the final price of the booth and guarantees you a booth for your event.
  • Loved enjoying the booth at my friends wedding, the staff is so happy and professional, great props, great quality prints love love love, would recommend for any special event. Having the booth really set the event apart having something so unique and fun.

    Torchmo24, www.theknot.com review

  • Photobooth was easy to use and produced crisp colors and images.. You can really tell the photos produced are of quality. Props were also fun to use!

    Monaology, www.theknot.com review

  • This was the hit of the wedding. The guest had a great time taking photos and they put copies into a scrap book for us which was so fun. It's a great keepsake for us. I would highly recommend a photo booth for your wedding!

    S. Nelson , www.theknot.com review

Our Services

Here is a list of services other than photo booths that we provide.


Green Screen

By providing a photobooth or open air unit with green screen technology, people can fly!

Rocket Upgrades

Options to upgrade the camera, the props, the backgrounds...you name it and we can upgrade it...even the photo album and booth can be upgraded.

Awesome features

Choose from either black and white or color photographs. Yes. Most of our photo booths have that option to choose from.


As it turns out, photo booths are great surprises for guest and family and friends. Go ahead and offer one as a surprise we won't tell.



All of our images that are taken from the event are uploaded to our site for free and even downloadable for free. You can download images at high resolution...no strings attached.


Fully Tested

We bring backup equipment for the camera and internal parts to keep things flowing in the case of a emergency situation. Do other booth businesses do that? I'm not quite sure if they do.


Insured Protection

The Hartford is our policy holder and holds a 1,000,000 coverage for our photo booths.


One of a kind machines

No other booth company in town can beat our styles of booths. We didn't buy them from a corporation that doesn't care about quality of the product. There alot of blood, sweat, and tears in our badboys.


Fun and Fresh

Take it from us when we say we know how to party. We have been to hundreds of events over the years and are preferred vendors for many venues in the Sacramento region.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on not just hiring high school kids that don't care, but people that have a passion about creating a professional image for your rental at your event.

Johnny Vu Creative Photo Booth Guru - Sacramento

An entreprenuer and photographer with a Managerial Economics & Art Studio Degree from UC Davis. Pioneering the concept and making it better everyday.

Nate Ringor Rocket Booth Super Manager - San Francisco

The dude knows his stuff. And always has a smile with boothing at your event and knows how to get things done. He can probably plan your whole event for you.

Marlon Andres Boothalolic - Los Angeles  

He is always upbeat and excited about having a booth for you at your event...he'll be the life of the party, he will even make anybody dance!

Fun Photos

Here are some photo booth photos straight from our ROCKET machines.

  • The Crazy Dudes

  • Totally Hilarious

    Let it all go!
  • That doesn't make sense

  • Funnier than funny

    Looks like a good time
  • We just want to have fun.

    CLients from 2012
  • What a party

    Once you Rocket Booths, you can't stop
  • Brothers

    Whats happening here?
  • Now thats a kiss!

    Lucky guy!
  • The Awkward Mom shot/h2> What else are you suppose to do?

  • Ain't no Party

    Rocket Booth Party
  • Backdrops to match!

    Choose your backdrops
  • 4 photos

    Don't forget to smile

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Located in Rocklin, Sacramento and San Francisco, Rocket Booths LLC *TM, has an office in Rocklin CA. Feel free to make an appointment if you want to come down. THE REAL ROCKET BOOTHS, just give us a call and we can sit down with you and talk about your event and just hang out.

Don't be afraid to ask any questions you may want answered. Whether is be special needs or questions about the booth, we will be there to make it work. Rocket Booths.

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